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Kensington SEO is an online marketing agency based in Kettering, Northamptonshire which specialised in digital marketing and customer satisfaction. We offer various Search Engine Optimisation services, such as white hat link building, SEO link building, SEO consulting, and other SEO related services. With our combined 20+ years of experience, we have mastered the practice of improving search engine ranking which is an essential need for most businesses today in the digital age.

We Are Experts in SEO

Our SEO professionals are geared with years of experience and are equipped with the industry knowledge to assess the common pitfalls and weaknesses of businesses when it comes to digital marketing. With our combined 20+ years of experience, you can expect us to turn these weaknesses into strengths necessary to get ahead in the digital market space.


SEO Professionals

We have a great staff of experts who have been in the digital marketing industry for decades. Our professionals have learned the ins and outs of the business first hand and are equipped with the necessary skills to engage in whatever need that may arise. Whether it be SEO monitoring, web design, or web programming, our professionals can handle anything with expertise and consistent results. Just ask our previous clients about us!

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