Who’s The Most Badass SEO In Kettering
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Who’s The Most Badass SEO In Kettering

Most Badass SEO In Kettering - No1 and No2 Organic Search

Most Badass SEO In Kettering

Having a little fun this week ranking for some interesting local search terms. Looking to see what terms I could rank for locally, of course, I have no idea if the phrase ‘most badass SEO in Kettering‘ is actually going to get me my dream contract but it is fun to demonstrate how with a little imagination, some SEO knowledge and local geographic area information you can rank for some pretty cool phrases.

Local Organic Rankings – Position 1 and 2

Ranking locally in the Kettering area for the term “Most Badass SEO In Kettering“.  So I guess if Google is putting my site number 1 then I must be the ‘most badass SEO in Kettering’.  There does seem to be a bit of a dispute on the actual spelling of Badass, Google seems to prefer Badass as one word, whilst this website editor seems to prefer it as two words, Bad and Ass, so rather infuriatingly this article is covered in the dreaded red underline squiggles.  I went with Google’s preferred version but what do you think?

Even Instagram agrees I’m a true SEO Badass 🙂

Most Badass SEO in Kettering! Ask me how to improve your website rankings 🙂

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Is Coolest A Variation On Badass SEO in Kettering?

Whilst I playing around with a different variation of ‘badass’ I came up with ‘coolest’ and ‘best’ SEO in Kettering.  You can see the images below!

The Coolest SEO In Kettering – No1 Google Organic Search. Whilst I playing around with a different variation of ‘badass’ I came up with ‘coolest’ and ‘best’ SEO in Kettering.  You can see the images below!

The online dictionary, Urban Dictionary has a great definition of what a ‘badass’ is 🙂

Here I am ranking both my website and a YouTube video for a variation on Badass, ‘Coolest’.  Number one organically with my website and number three with my YouTube video.


Well I had some fun getting some ‘badass’ local keywords for Kettering ranked in Google but I hope this does go to prove that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation does work and that it is a valid
digital marketing strategy.  Even in local SEO, the number of searches with local or geographical intent is huge.  Often when you look at potential search volume for a local keyword phrase using the Google Keyword Planner Tool you’ll find that it says there is Zero monthly searcher.  However, when you look at Google analytics you’ll see that there really are searchers for these low volume keywords.

So what’s the point?  Well I’m hoping to prove that it is worthwhile optimising your website for lots of low volume relevant search queries as these small monthly long tail searches all add up and help your website rank for more keywords and earn more click throughs.  Your phrase might not be ‘most badass SEO in Kettering’ but I’m sure there are plenty of other local search phrases relevant to your products or services.

Please remember to get in touch if you’d like to talk about getting more sales from your website.


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