Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelance SEO Consultant

At Kensington SEO pride ourselves with our search engine optimisation (SEO)

When you hire us as your freelance SEO consultant we take every factor of your online presence, from your on-page optimisation to your link development strategy to create the suitable package for both your website and budget.

Maintaining websites can often be a strain for companies. This is why we at Kensington SEO are geared with the necessary expertise to help you grow your website from inception, maintenance, and execution. We scour and weigh every factor that can contribute to your traffic, and we make sure that you understand what’s happening and what can be done.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

We will use your budget to help you craft, define and strategise a long-term search marketing plan for all your custom needs.

You may already have some ideas or a specific direction in mind. Our consulting service will help you build on your ideas and fully implement your vision for search engine optimisation by guiding you through all the technical processes.

Our internet marketing experts will get your campaign up and running in no time and make sure that everything runs like clockwork to deliver your desired results. We also take pride in guiding you with software recommendations. We will help you skim through the hundreds – if not thousands – of software tools to find the ones that are best suited and able to cater to your strategy, internal resources, environment, and budget. In turn, helping you track and improve your keyword rankings.

Any Other SEO Freelancer Needs

You can always depend on us for consultation in order for you to get a feel for your online marketing presence from a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals. An expert comes in handy whether you are first starting out or if you are in need of a second opinion. Our consultancy contracts are also customisable, either per project or per month, depending on your needs.

On top of all other services, if you are in a situation to hire an experienced search engine optimisation expert or a developer, but are not sure of their expertise, you can hire us to do all the snooping and the background check to make sure the person is a viable candidate, and best fits your company and goals.

Benefit From Hiring A Web Marketing Expert

Keyword research and the analysis process can be a very tiresome and strenuous part of SEO marketing and is just one of SEO tasks that an SEO consultant can do for you. By hiring us as your expert, we will make sure to take all that load off your hands.

Let us do the heavy lifting like the analysis of Word tracker data, and going through all the crucial search and user behavioural analysis. We can and will be able to look at any competitor sites, analyse them and give you a breakdown of their on and off-site tactics, as well as their potential service provider, budget, and other factors so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Link Building

Building quality back links times time and skill, we're happy to share our experiences with you to improve your link building strategy. If you require high-quality links, we will carefully craft pitches, content, and submissions with your brand in mind and even go as far to work on bringing up the quality of your site to global standards for link building.

Website Development

Kensington SEO will also create a proper strategy for you in case you opt to redesign and reinvigorate your site. We will even work hand-in-hand with your in-house development team to give you the best results without impacting your placement rank wise.

There are numerous benefits to hiring and using an SEO expert, some of which include helping establish a marketing strategy for you, building awesome sites that attract the attention of your potential visitors and to making sure that your site has it all.

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