How to Improve your Website Ranking
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How to Improve your Website Ranking

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For any successful online business, constant and high traffic count to the business site is imperative. The key is to always work on getting a high rank in Google’s search results because that is where most people go to when searching for products or services online. Attaining a high ranking is easier said than done because Search Engine Optimisation or SEO techniques are always changing and Google is always catching on to any loopholes or tricks people come up with to cheat their secret formula. However, we have come up with a few steps or things you can do to ensure you rank high in search engine results both locally and internationally.

Your first tip is to always work on your phrases and specific words that will identify your website. This is the keyword or phrase you think someone may search for when they are looking for your site or sites that offer the content that you provide. Having a natural keyword is critical and a lot of time can and should be put into finding the right way to do it. Always try and make sure the keyword phrase appears numerously on your content but overdoing it is not healthy. Its appearance should be as human as possible instead of making it spammy.

We advise you always to name all your site pages. Make sure to always put a title to your individual pages titles for description purposes. Why this is so vital for optimum search results improvement is because in some cases, the person searching for your content may search for something on Google that leads them to a link to a particular page which will display the page’s title. If the title of this page is just “Untitled,” there is a big chance no one is going to click on it. So make sure you at least include a keyword phrase in your website title.

Another tip is to take notice to your hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are basically worded links that navigate you through some other website for co-referencing. Google, in particular, tends to pay a very close attention to the wording of all the site’s hyperlinks to determine the content of your site. You should always make sure to take advantage of this by using links in your website as a way to emphasise on your keyword phrases. Be careful to not abuse this feature by having too many links on a particular page and also include links to other websites which are relevant so you can increase your page rank. You should involve graphics that are search-friendly as well.

One aspect that is taken into account by Google is the loading speed of your pages. Google is looking for fast loading sites especially on mobile and rewards fast loading sites with higher rankings. It is also worth improving your websites loading speed as visitors will often bounce back to Google to find an alternative site rather than wait for your 'hero' video or image to load. This increases the bounce rate of your website. The bounce rate indicates which percentage of your visitors only viewed one page of your site, and then left immediately. Google rewards sites that offer a great user experience and lower bounce rate. With people’s current short attention span and increased use of mobile devices, speed expectations directly influence if a visitor decides to stay. When a considerable percentage of your traffic bounces, a conclusion can be drawn that your visitors have a negative user experience. In this way site speed can impact your rankings and should be addressed in your SEO strategy. You can use tools like GTMetrixs and Webpagetest or even Google's own page speed testing tool. If your site is loading slowly on your own computer and you aren't sure if it is a website server issue or a local broadband connection problem you can use this internet speed test toolto find out. If you are getting a good download and upload speeds then you'll want to check the website server itself.

To increase traffic on your page, use keywords in your content, images, and name your pages. In instances where a person searching may not have the right phrase to type into a search bar, a site with an image of relevance to what is being searched for will rank higher. Thus, naming your graphics (images) with your keyword phrases as well increases the chances of being spotted.

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