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Link Building SEO Strategies

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Link Building Process

Link building is an essential process if the objective of
your website is to gain traffic.

Link building requires the practice of obtaining links from external sites to your own to improve direct referrals and search engine ranking. To summarize, link building is all about gaining popularity for your website. There are a number of ways to build links for your website, one of them is outreach. This is where you try to connect with other websites in order for them to post a link to yours. The process can be done in a lot of ways but the safest route to take is to offer value.


Link Building Strategies

We at Kensington SEO have applied numerous techniques to this process that has shown great results.

In today’s digital marketing world, social sharing alone is not enough to get you ranked at the top across search engines or maintain a constant high traffic volume. This means that as a website owner, it is important to employ important SEO techniques that will ensure you that number one spot.

Kensington SEO is a company specialised in search engine optimisation. We are here to give you professional ideas and tools to optimise search engine results for your link and get it in the sight of the public. The first technique is to have unique content. The best thing about writing good pieces is that they are useful to people. Hence, your work will be cited and referenced by individuals and organisations, thereby increasing the traffic of your site.

Quality Link Building

The quality of your visuals is also a crucial factor that could determine the quality of traffic you receive. Having high-quality visuals in your site will also help increase traffic; hence, conversions or sales. Another important tip is to also make the content in your website embeddable which could make it easier for other sites to refer to you. Embedding means using videos or tools on your website that are not yours but rather borrowed from someone else’s link or website which could highly increase traffic in your site. In some instances, if your website is dealing with important products, a badge can be an alternative to embeddable content. A badge is a trademark for your site and having one will help you earn when your content is used elsewhere.

We design link building outreach campaigns designed to bring traffic and ranking improvements to your website. Our link building strategies include a broad range of custom made projects including the following:

  • Content Marketing - Building Links To Your Awesome Content
  • Broken Link Building
  • Guest Posting / Guest Blogging
  • Industry Relavant Resource & Links Pages
  • Link roundups
  • Online PR
  • Link Reclamation
  • Local Blog / Local Website Relationship Building

Link Building Development

Application Program Interface (API) and data plus business development may be challenging and hard to build programs, but we highly recommend employing the technique. If you own a site that provides progressive data either publicly or privately to a company, then API is a framework that will help you easily connect with your clients across browsers and mobile devices.

Guest posting allows a guest to be an author on your site based on the topic of interest. Allowing guest content in your link seems strange, but we encourage this technique if and only if employed wisely.

Important note: before permitting guest content, first establish a platform for your site.
The last technique is to provide favors or service to your clients if they link you to other new customers.

Link building outreach is not easy, and this makes it a more unique and competitive field. We would love to see your site excel and rank at the top of search engines. This is why we provide professional techniques to ensure that your site not only receives high traffic volume but also ranks high across search engines.

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