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Local SEO Strategies

Have you ever been in a situation where you were in need of a service and instead of hopping into your car or looking through the Yellow Pages, you instead just do a quick search on Google? Nowadays, this is the common reality for most of your customers. Technology and the internet have constantly been proving their usefulness, and it is up to us to harness the tools that we have today.

With Google dominating 65% of the local search engine market, optimising your Google My Business Page is now more important than ever. We at Kensington SEO have been dealing with Local SEO projects and optimising local search engine optimisation strategies as one of your first steps in beating the competition.

Optimising your Google My Business Page is one of the vital initial steps in beginning the campaign on your local SEO. You should make sure your Google My Business page is accurately completed – which is easier said than done – as many people tend to look at it as go-to with their search needs. Kensington SEO is a company specialized in search engine optimisation, and we are here to help you through this process.

Transparent SEO project Management

Watch In this short video, where Simon Kensington-Fellows shows how Kensington SEO manage their client SEO projects. Using Google sheets automation, a client project management sheet is kept up to date and available to the client 24/7.

How Do We Optimise?

Optimising your Google My Business page info is quite straightforward. First, you must make sure your business is verified. If, and when, it is, you should visit google.com/business to login and view your business dashboard. You can optimise your page by making sure your business information is accurately identified and the following info is accurately provided.

Business Name

You should make sure that the business name displayed is only your actual business name, this means that you should completely avoid the use of additional words that you might think would help your SEO.

Contact Info

Always make sure your contact information is inputted correctly and is constantly up to date. It is advised to make use of a local number as the phone number listed. Also, for your web page, make sure to list your actual website address. If you don’t happen to own your own website you can alternatively put the URL of your personal profile page rather than the homepage of the entire site.


It is important to note that how you choose to layout your categories may drastically affect your search rankings. Listing as many categories as possible is actually a good thing. It is way better than choosing to congest too much content into one category. If done correctly, it will not even appear to be spammy at all. Just make sure to rank all your categories by order of importance and relevance for optimum results.


Your introduction is your first and best shot to describe your business, its services, and ultimately peak the interest of the potential customer. You can also take advantage of your introduction by linking it out to other various parts of your actual site to help potential visitors find their way to the proper places on your website.

Manage Your Photos

You need to be able to identify and optimise the different sections of photos on your page. Firstly, there are three photos you must upload namely: a profile photo, a logo photo, and your cover photo. These are very vital because they will appear in people’s search results and ultimately act as the deciding factor in many cases on whether someone will click your business listing. Always choose photos that will stand out but still hold high relevancy and make sure to select which of the three photos you recommend Google to show in the search results and on maps.

At Kensington SEO, we have a team with years of experience and the right skills to help you optimise your Google My Business Page correctly. We also offer link building and other techniques to ensure that your business ranks at the top of all search engines, thereby increasing your site conversions.

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