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My online marketing clients have been nagging me to put together a specialist white hat link SEO link building service that they could use to generate leads and sales in a safe and predictable way from the main search engines. On page technical SEO, Google My Business optimisation and local citation building definitely work for getting a business site ranking in the search engines and even on the first page of Google but some clients want more and building website authority is the answer. I love ranking websites on the internet and (perhaps sadly) spend most of the time either working on client sites, keyword research with keyword tools, link building or studying or testing search engine optimisation strategies.

Clients who want a successful Google-safe link building service that will improve their websites link signals , grow their websites domain authority and help them rank in the search engines for more competitive terms should consider my service. When it comes to link building and earning links I have studied the best link builders in the world like Eric Ward and Dan Ray and use their systems and processes to offer a transparent service that outperforms most of the link building resources in 'vanilla' SEO agencies.

Not all SEO (search engine optimization) agencies are alike, I don't buy links, use any black hat seo link types, link exchanges or use link building tools, I hand build links on real websites using good old fashioned outreach techniques, by building relationships and offering value to other website owners I can get you some great quality white hat links on a blog post or by building quality links on authority sites web pages that are incredibly good value for money.

Transparency is important to me as it helps build trust and reduces the need for time-consuming phone calls and emails. With that being said, I thought it would be appropriate if I documented exactly what I do when you become a client. This will answer all your questions and help you decide if this link building service is right for your business.
You could even use this to learn seo with this beginners guide to seo white hat seo link building, a guide to earning high quality links to your site.

I intend to keep my business small so that I can personally over see and work on your project so there are only a limited number of businesses I can work with at any one time. I try to keep this to between 5 and 7 clients at one time and I currently have room for 2 more clients that want a high-quality backlinking service. All you need to do now is carry on reading this page to see if we are a good fit for each other.

How My Link Building Agency Works

My Step By Step Link Building Techniques

Set Up Your Project Folder In Google Drive

I will create your own folder in my Google Drive and add the various documents I use to manage your link building campaign. You can access this 24/7 via your web browser. The main document that will interest you is the Project Tracker, this Google sheet document is updated in real time and available online for you to view at any time. You will see some examples of this tracker further down this document.

Create A Gmail Account For Email Outreach

The first thing we do for any campaign is to create a Gmail email address account. This email uses the persona of the business owner so when I contact link targets I can do it on behalf the client as this definitely increases the likelihood of getting a positive response from the target website owner. So I will be 'pretending' to be you when I contact the website owners.

Get Access To Your Website Google Analytics

This is a really important step, granting me access is really easy and I will show you how to give me access to your Google Analytics account so that I can audit your website performance. I will be able to tell what your visitors do when they reach your website and how they engage with your content.

Get Access To Google Search Console

I will need access to your website's Google Search Console account. Search console has a wealth of search knowledge useful information in it so I can use this data to find out what your website is ranking for already, what traffic it is getting and from where and whether or not there are any 'quick wins' we can work on getting.

Analysing both accounts with these research tools will help me find ranking opportunities for your website and this is where the work really starts. My analysis and keyword research will help to formulate your link building strategy. Here are the sorts of things I'm looking for in your search data:

  • Your most popular pieces of content
  • Keywords phrases you already rank reasonably well for but would benefit from a boost. These ranking signals are known as 'quick wins' or 'low hanging fruit'. These keywords are likely to be on the first 3 pages of the Google search engine results pages, ideally in positions 3 to 39. Google already likes your content for these keyword phrases so we just need to make Google love it even more.
  • Keywords you are showing up for in search but not getting any clicks - you're getting impressions but no engagement.
Project Tracker In google Sheets Set Up

Check Your Website Anchor Text Ratio

This is vital, Google is very sensitive to unnatural link building (Google Penguin update) and if it thinks anyone is trying to game the system it will penalise offending websites. This is why my link building tactics are within Google's own Webmaster Guidelines. I use pro backlink analysis SEO tools like as ahrefs, SEMrush, Cora and Majestic SEO to analyse your incoming link profile and the corresponding anchor text ratios. Anchor text is the word or phrase used when creating a link, here is a code snippet example of a link with anchor text, the anchor text in this example is 'Example Anchor Text'

<a href="">Example Anchor Text</a>

Google uses the anchor text to better understand what the link is about and so it has been an SEO tactic to create anchors which match the keyword you want to rank for but now Google is wise to this and will demote sites using these tactics.

For example, it would look 'spammy' if all of the backlinks to your website are using keyword-rich anchors that you want for. If your anchor text ratio is on the high side then I will build some, what are known as, 'pillow links' “ these links are to dilute your current anchor text ratio and uses anchors containing your brand name, company name, generic words like 'click here' and your URL, these are the sorts of words and phrases that people use when naturally linking to a website.

Example Anchor Text Cloud

Top SEO tips. To improve a websites rankings in the search engines, links to your website should also have a mix of dofollow links and nofollow links.

SEO Audit Your Website Content, On Page and Internal and External Links

My next step is to use some SEO tools to look at your website content (blog posts) this seo audit will see how well it is currently optimised:

  • What content do you have on your website?
  • Are you actively creating content regularly
  • Do you have a content marketing plan and a content creator?
  • What engagement does your content generate, are people liking and sharing your content?
  • Are you actively promoting your new content by using email and your social media channels to attract social shares
  • Are you happy to invest in creating awesome link worthy content?

Once I have the URL's of all the link worthy content I add it to the Project Planner Google sheet so I have quick and easy access to the content URLs when I reach out to the relevant link targets.

Don't worry if there isn't any link worthy content on your website to secure links. It's a common problem I encounter, website owners believe they need to put out regular content so push out 300-500 words of 'meh content', sadly these days this 'thin content' often does more harm than good. I will work with you to come up with some content ideas and put together a content plan that will attract relevant incoming links from my list of target sites.

Let's take a moment to talk about how to attract links and what is 'link worthy' or 'rank worthy' content. Google has created a 'quality score' for websites and it uses this to decide which pages to rank in the search engines for any given search query. So it is usually true that the best, most relevant content with the highest authoritative backlinks will rank first. So to earn back links, to break into the first page or to move up the first page you need content that is way better than what is already ranking.

To attract links these days means you need to go all out and produce the absolute best article possible, this properly formatted article will likely be 2000 plus words, include a table of contents, high-quality images and video. To really go to town it's a good idea to embed audio, infographics, Slideshare and social media posts like tweets. If you have a person in-house who can create stuff then great, if not I will happily use one of my content people, this will be an additional expense but is my preferred option as I know that these people can give me the type of content that I want.

If you have an in house resource who can put together this awesome content then I can work with them on the ideas but if you don't then I can I will recommend a content creator for you, this will be an additional expense and you need to budget for between £300 - £500 for the sort of quality content we need. Remember though that is an investment in content that will work hard for you for the rest of the life of the website.

A final point about content, some website owners really don't want any content added to their website, although this isn't ideal, it is something I can work around. We still need to create content as outlined above but it will go on to a target website by way of a Guest Post. This guest post article will contain links back to your website.

Advanced Link Building Audit Of Your Incoming Links

This is the seo link building process where I thoroughly analyse your websites current incoming backlinks, I use several tools to analyse this link data including ahrefs and Majestic SEO to do this link audit:

  • Check for any spammy or unnatural backlinks (you may have these if you have used a cheap/black hat SEO service in the past)
  • Check anchor text ratio is natural and doesn't contain too many of your primary keywords.
  • A tool like Majestic will check the relevancy of your backlink profile, for example, if you are a legal website the majority of your links should come from law related websites.
  • Check other metrics such as DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), TF (trust flow), CF (citation flow), link history for any issues.
  • Are there any linking opportunities that can be enhanced by a quality outreach programme.
  • Are there any social signals from any social media marketing or inbound marketing campaigns

Content Audit Data Is Added To Targets Tab In Project Tracker

I record my findings from the audits described above and add the information to the Project Tracker Google Sheet Targets tab. This planner doubles as reporting document as it is updated in real time and is shared with you and your team so you can see my progress at any time without having to make an appointment to discuss it on the phone.

The Project Tracker Google Sheet is where I keep track of all of the information related to your SEO link building campaign. You will find details of the content I will be using, the keywords it is currently ranking for any other target keywords I think will bring in relevant referral traffic.

Example of Content Tab After Audit

Use Google Operators To Generate A Huge List Of Possible Link Targets

I take the keywords I discovered earlier and create a massive list of Google Operators. Google operators are advanced search operators, search queries on steroids! They are a string of characters added to the search query to filter the search results more accurately. This gives me a really focused list of target websites to works with.

Here is a simple but powerful example of a search operator. Let's say for example you were building links in the gardening niche then you could use a search string like this:

“gardening inurl:resources” (you can try this at home! by copying and pasting it into the Google search bar)

If you tried it you would get something similar to this:

Example of google search operators

This advanced search query would bring back any pages about gardening that have the word “resources” in the URL. Websites like this are likely to be resources about gardening so if you have an awesome gardening article it may well be of interest to these types of websites making them perfect targets to reach out to.

Here is another example of some more advanced search operators targeting gardening tips:

example of search operator for gardening tips

Link Type Selection

Next, I need to select the type of links I will target for you, this is based on the content we have, your budget and how willing you are to add content to your website. I select a few link types that are a suitable match for your website and use these to get started. These starting link types won't be the only types of links I build but will form my starting position.

If you are in one of the less interesting industries (think black widget builders) or if you don't have much link worthy content on your sites then I know that it will be best to get links by placing content on other peoples websites, local bloggers, non competing related sites (think florist for a funeral directors) and getting our backlinks that way.

guest post search operator examples

The link types above don't require any content on your site, the content is created and placed on another website with a link back to your website.

Building Out Your Project Management Plan

Now that I have finished research stage I am ready to build out the project plan. I add all the tasks needed to deliver your campaign over the next few months into the project tracker.

I add a project management tab to your tracker. This tab lists a detailed plan showing you exactly what will be done during the next 3 steps, each entry items will be updated in real time as “assigned”, “working” or “completed”.

This keeps you constantly updated on what I have been doing for you and will be doing in the next few months.

project managment sheet

The Prospecting Stage

By now I have everything I need to start targeting websites:

  • I know which keywords would be good you to rank for
  • I know which articles are suitable to attract incoming links
  • I know which kind of links I am going to target for you
  • I know the advanced Google search operators I will use to find your link targets

This information enables me to put together a 'prospecting list'. The prospecting tab is an organic document and will change in real time as I go through the prospecting process and reach out to website owners.

prospecting tab to track outreach

Personalised Outreach Campaigns

My link building campaigns are successful because I reach out personally to each of target website owners I have identified. I try as hard as possible to find a real name and personal contact details and take the time to tailor each outreach email to the type of link placement I'm going after. This attention details really helps to get positive responses. If the target is really attractive we will go the extra mile and pick up the phone or send a 'real' letter!

This attention details really helps to get positive responses. If the target website is really attractive we will go the extra mile and pick up the phone or send a 'real' letter!

Different link types need differing approaches for example if I wanted to write an article for them I would ask in a very different way than if I was trying to get a link back to our article on their resource page. Personalising outreach like this often helps to build a professional relationship with the website owner which mutually benefits to both of us. I have an awesome piece of content to offer and they have an audience looking to them to provide them with awesome content. This symbiotic relationship has an added bonus as it can result in social shares as the target website owner uses their social profiles to let their audience know of the new content.

Doggedly Following Up Our Outreach Emails

This is one of the most overlooked parts of the campaign, most link building companies don't bother to follow up their outreach, and yet I have found this to be one the key ingredients to link placement success.

I'd bet your email inbox is full of emails from people wanting something or other and website owners are no exception. So with it being so easy to ignore an email I send follow up emails to targets who haven't opened or responded to my initial request. So I don't just annoy people with my email I use fairly sophisticated email tracking software which lets me know everything about the status of an email. This means I can personalise an email based on whether or not they received it and whether or not they opened it. This attention to details really makes the difference between getting an OK response rate and getting a really good response rate.

What Results Can You Expect

My campaigns are based on two primary key performance indicators:

  1. Growth in organic website visitors
  2. Growth in referral website visitors

These two metrics are also Google ranking factors which in turn will help to move your website up the search engine ranking pages (SERPS). I do not focus on ranking positions anymore because search results are increasingly becoming personalised.

The SERPS will differ for a number of reasons; mobile and desktop search bring different results, location based searches differ depending on the location of the search, being logged in to Google will give personalised results based on click history and now voice search give different results too.

These differences make keyword rank tracking virtually meaningless so I focus on what makes you money - website visitors.

Organic growth: Google has refined the way it rewards backlinks and today, links from industry related sites are given the most powerful and as my links will always be on related sites you'll get the biggest ranking 'bang for your buck' when it comes to ranking higher for your money producing keywords. It is simple, the higher you rank for a given keyword the more traffic you will get.

Referral traffic: Because I target websites relevant to your industry people who click on the links I get for you will be predisposed to what you have to offer which means these click often convert better than organic search traffic. Why do they convert better? This referral traffic has 'borrowed' some of the trust from the website the link is featured on, this trust helps to overcome the number one factor stopping a conversion 'fear'. Think of this in the same way you would a recommendation from a friend.

So as long as your website is optimised for conversions, the increase in both organic and referral traffic will bring you more leads, prospects and sales.

65% Increase In Organic Traffic

The Google Analytics graph below demonstrates how one client is benefiting from increases in organic traffic of 65% over the same period before I started working with them.

Organic traffic increases 65% according to Google Analytics

89.84% Increase In Revenue

This Google Analytics report shows another client benefiting from more sales, revenue is up nearly 90% from a 62.83% increase in organic traffic.

Organic traffic increases lead to revenue up 89.84% May 2017

Link Acquisition Rates - How Many Links Can You Expect Each Month?

This really depends on your what your website is selling, the type and quality of content you have available, the better it is the more link worthy it will be. This does impact on the reaction my outreach gets, it's true some industries are more 'exciting' than others making link acquisition easier but I tend to get at least a 10% success which leads to between 10-20 links per month.

Clients who already have awesome link worthy content or are willing to get the content I suggest created quickly and to the correct standard tend to get the highest number of inbound links.

By way of an example, a client of mine has recently created 10 pieces of quality content this month

  • Five are for their own website so I can target different types of targets simultaneously.
  • Three were for a 'broken link' opportunity in their industry - this is where we recreate a resource that had links in the past but has subsequently been removed from the internet. We recreate the content and approach the sites already linking to the non-existent content. This is a super effective link building tactic.
  • Five were Guest Posts, articles created for placement on relevant sites with links back to the client site.
  • Two were content updates, these were popular articles on their own site but were out of date, they updated the content and then I 'relaunched it'. I found similar outdated articles on the web, analysed who was linking to them then contacted them and asked that they link to our newer more updated article. This 'content jacking' is another really good way of generating quality content without taking up too much time to create it.

Client Reporting For Your Link Acquisition Campaign

As I mentioned earlier, all my progress is documented in real time on the Project Tracker Google sheet. There are various tabs which contain information about your project. You will find information on the link targets, the outreach plan, the status of the outreach and even the passwords I have used for any accounts I use on your behalf.

You can access this Google sheet at any time, the link to your personal project tracker will be sent to you in your welcome email at the beginning of the campaign.

You can see an example of my Project Tracker here

At the end of each month, I will send a short informal summary which will give an overview of the campaign, any suggestions I have for improving the campaign and screen captures from your Google search console and Google analytics showing the improvement in traffic and conversion rate (if you have goal tracking set up for conversion rate optimization, which you should!).

You can see an example of my monthly report here

How Much Do I Charge For My Link Building Service?

It really depends on what you need from me have a look at the chart and see where you fit in.

My minimum fee is £1500 per month, some of you will want to start here and upgrade to the £3000+ VIP treatment.

range of prices

So Far So Good?

Now you know my link building service inside out, exactly what I do, literally step by step - so if you trust me to start to building your website backlinks then just get in touch. Click the button below and fill in the short form.

You can stop reading now unless you want to be a link-building geek! If you want more information on the various types of link building placements available then read on about the following links, I'm going to go over around 20 different types of incoming links in my link building guide.

Advanced Link Building Tips And The Most Popular Types Of Links You Can Build

An important note about properly formatting links so they pass on authority from the referring website.
You must use the http:// or https:// (if it is a secure website with a SSL) followed by your website name e.g. If your website uses the www then you must add those as Google sees and as two completely different websites, so if you build links to the non-www version when your website is on the www sub domain then those links won't help push your www website. Again, the http:// or https:// is essential too or they won't be hyperlinks.

Resource pages + Broken link Building (404 Errors)
Resource pages are popular ways of curating related information that is useful to the website owner’s audience and link builders often look for these types of pages to get placements on. If you have informational content (if you don't we can create it) that is suitable for a related resource page then it is a win-win placement opportunity. The target website gets another valuable article to add to their page and you get a relevant link and the possibility of referral traffic.

This is often done in conjunction with broken link building, I can resource pages to see if any of the content they link to is still valid. If the content that is being linked to has been removed then a visitor will get a 404 error when clicking on it. 404 are bad for user experience and for search engine rankings so the target website would usually be happy to swap out the dead link for your shiny new one. I can also find out which other pages were linking to the dead content and ask them to replace it with your link.

Link Roundups
Roundups are a popular type of content because they are relatively easy to produce and people like to have lists of content in one handy place. These types of posts get plenty of shares and engagement. So, I look for roundups in your niche email them to show them your content that would be perfect for their list.

I'm sure you'll recognise these roundup posts, think 'top 20 places to visit in London' or 'the 10 most useful Word hacks' and again if you don't have the type content suitable for inclusion in roundup post then we can create it.

Sponsored Posts
This type of link usually requires compensation in return for an article about your product or service. Placements will likely cost you money, some sites will accept just money in exchange for writing an unbiased article/review about your product or service others will want to keep the review sample as well.

These sponsored links are an ideal way to get your product or service in front of people who may want to buy them and of course get a link back from a highly relevant website. Whilst it is true that this is a wonderful way of getting links on sites your competitors aren't on it doesn't mean that your competition won't piggy back on your idea. Of course, the reverse is true, if during my research I find that your competitors are getting links from sponsored posts then we can use the same tactic and get a link too.

Content placements (Guest posting)
Guest posts are ideal if you don't have much in the way of great content and aren't able to add some to your own website. I will find and approach other sites in your industry niche that accept other people’s articles on their website and other them some great content ideas, once they decide what article they want I will arrange to get it written and published.

This is a great win-win link placement as the target blog gets free content which will help to grow their site and you get a relevant contextual backlink to your website. Of course, some well-trafficked blogs may ask for financial compensation, this may be described as an administration fee for getting the article posted on to the website.

Local blogger
If your business has a local element to it, then getting local links is important. Google favours local links even if they aren't particularly relevant. Local blogs can include the local news and events sites, local community groups or any other blog that has a local flavour to it. The remarkable thing about these sites is that they often have hyper relevant social followings too and are often willing to share your content socially too.

Many of these site owners aren't making anything from their blogging efforts, some do it for the 'local fame' and so if you have great content they think their audience will love then they'd willingly link to it and if they don't a little money to help cover their annual hosting fees can be very persuasive!

Online PR And Legitimate Press Releases
This link building tactic has been around for as long as people have been building website backlinks. For a long time, Google favoured 'news' and so a whole industry grew up around syndicating press releases and some of the bigger PR companies charge hundreds of pounds for submitting press releases to news sites, like CNN, Reuters etc.

There is still some benefit from syndicating press releases but the link value is somewhat reduced these days. However, if you have a real news worthy story to share that will attract attention from the major news outlets, like Buzzfeed or the Huffington Post or a local BBC station then the potential viral benefit may be well worth considering. One thing to bear in mind is that whilst press releases can generate hundreds of links they are guaranteed to 'stick' and news site will often drop old new stories after a year.
If you are asked for inclusion in an upcoming article with a backlink, then in my opinion, this type of coverage is worth investing in.

Other local PR opportunities come from local radio stations or newspaper (they all have online editions too) and local TV stations such the BBC or ITN. In today’s world of 24/7 coverage these news outlets are crying out content and they love stories about local businesses helping in the community. So, if you have bought a team strip for the local kid’s football team or raised money on behalf of a local charity we should tell them. This publicity is 'free' and often leads to additional coverage by way of an interview on radio or TV.

University Student Blogs
Almost every educational institution such as universities have a blogging platform. Many of these blogs are abandoned when either the student loses interest or graduates and it can be possible to track down the owners of these abandon blogs and offer something in return for a link to your business. Why bother? Google has a built-in love and trust of educational websites. These websites will have a .edu or domain and generally have high DA and PA ratings which will pass on to the sites it links out to.

Reclaiming/Claiming Brand Links
There are two elements to this tactic. Firstly, I look for websites that previously linked to you but for some reason dropped the link. Dropped links can come about for many reasons though the most common is when the website gets a makeover and the web designer forgets to include the link.
The second tactic to search the web for mentions of your brand and products where they haven't included a link and ask them to add the link to the article.
Brand mentions without links are known citations and the more people you have 'talking' about the better and Google does take this into account when considering where to rank you - but an actual backlink in addition to the mention is much more powerful. And as these websites already 'like' your brand enough to mention getting a link can be straightforward.

Reciprocal Link Method (Geo location)
With this strategy, I look for websites in the same geographic area but in a non-competing business and approach them for a link placement. There are a few tactics, offering content or a review often works wonders. This strategy works well when we target businesses you buy products or services from or clients that buy your products or services. Adding a list of trusted recommended local providers to website can be a straightforward way to earn reciprocal links

Reciprocal Link Method (Industry based)
This is like the above strategy but instead of targeting websites based on location I target similar but non-competing niches. I search for businesses that are related to your industry but not in direct competition with you and ask for a back link.

An example might a florist and a funeral director, an accountant and a IT support company, a lawyer and accountancy firm, marketing agency and a web designer and webs designer and a SEO link builder. Getting these reciprocal links can benefit both businesses.

Pillow Links
Below are some examples of what are known as a pillow or pillowing links. These are safe low powered back links that can be got in large numbers and usually used to dilute a bad link profile (where spam links had been built in the past), to dilute an anchor text ratio that too high or to diversify a link portfolio and make it look more natural.

Directory links
Website directories got a bad name for themselves in recent years and it is true that there are hundreds of spammy directories and with the demise of directories like DMOZ there are still some excellent quality directories around. I look for industry relevant ones, some require a membership fee but is often worth the joining fee others are free and still offer decent quality backlinks. Note DMOZ has recently closed down.

Professional Organisation Directories
Similar as above, professional bodies often have qualified member lists and it worth checking to make sure that you have added your website correctly. Backlinks on these sites are often super useful because they are hyper relevant and can send a good amount of targeted referral traffic.

Manufacturer Links (ecom stores only)
If you resell other people’s products then you can ask to be included on the website as distributor, manufacturers often have these lists on their websites and a link back to you helps you both out.

Video Syndication Links
Video marketing is huge and YouTube isn't the only video site on the internet! There are dozens of superior quality video sharing websites and nowadays even the image sharing sites accept video and so the opportunity for backlinks is immense. You can often add a link in the account profile and another link in the video description.

Conference And Events
Are you planning on speaking at a conference or is your company exhibiting at an event? If you so you check to see if you can get a link from the organisers website.

Blog Commenting On Blog/Forums
This strategy has got a bad rep over recent years simply because it works! And anything that works in the SEO world tends to get spammed to death! Once this happens Google gets wind of it and in time updates its algorithms to discount or devalue comment links. However, it can still be a valuable source of links when done correctly. Participating in online discussions in high quality, industry relevant forums or blogs can be offering backlinking opportunities and the chance to build relationships online by providing value to potential a potential source of leads. For example, the question and answer website, Quora is widely respected and spending time answering queries and providing links to helpful content on your website is highly valuable.

Wikipedia is one the most trusted sources of information on the web, at least in the eyes of Google. The content is entirely user generated and user moderated and recent tests have shown it to have fewer errors than the Encyclopaedia Britannica! As it is user generated content there is nothing to prevent someone creating an entry about your business or business leaders and linking back to your website. If the article is accurate, offers value and is non-spammy there is no reason why the entry would be removed.

Other Link Placement Strategies

Competitor Links Analysis
Analysing exactly what your page one competitors are doing to get their links is a good way of getting links that Google has already decided should be in a link profile of a page one site. Replicating those links can be helpful in giving your site the authority it might need to break onto the first page of Google.

Skyscraper Method (made famous by Brian Dean)
Although this method has been around for a very long time it came to prominence a couple years ago when Backlinko (Brian Dean) wrote a post about the tactic. Essentially you find a relevant article on the web that has lots of back links and shares but is a out of date or could be improved on and you simply make a better version. Then you reach out to all the sites that linked to the original article and offer them your better version.
You can combine this with another Backlinko tactic - the Content Relaunch, you take a great article and add more great content to it, either by adding more in-depth content, newer case studies or simply refreshing the look and feel of it. Again, you reach out to people who linked to the original and ask them to link to the newer version.

Infographics Sharing Sites
Infographics are a pictorial way of presenting complicated data so that people can understand the content more readily. Having said that even simple data can be presented by icons so that it looks attractive. Decent quality useful infographics are link worthy and shareable assets that can be produced by an outsource team quickly and inexpensively. There are also hundreds of infographics sharing sites waiting to link back to you, the most well-known being Pinterest. With Pinterest being one of the most visited sites on the web you might have thought that as an image sharing site you couldn't siphon off links and referral visitors to your own site - think infographics, now you can leverage the power of Pinterest for your business too.

404 HTTP Errors - Broken link building
I mentioned this earlier but it is a useful tactic. Google doesn't like broken links and so doesn't look too favourably on websites with 404 errors. A 404 error occurs when the linking content has been removed. For example, if a website shuts down all those other websites linking to it will now get a 404 error when someone clicks on that link. As I mentioned this isn't good for user experience which in turn isn't good for SEO so if you can help a website owner out by offering them some replacement content you can score some good backlinks. Of course, you can then find all the other sites linking to that 'dead' content and other your replacement as well, therefore, generating lots of links for one piece of content.

Still interested?

Now you know my link building strategies inside out, exactly what I do, literally step by step - so if you trust me to start to building your website backlinks then just get in touch. Click the button below and fill in the short form.

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