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Don't Hire A GuesSEO?

Choose an SEO who uses data and scientific testing to determine Google's ranking factors. You'd think most SEOs use this methodology when optimising websites for higher rankings but no!

Most SEOs and digital agencies are in fact nothing more than GuesSEOs.

Kensington SEO is an active member of the scientific testing group Search Intelligence Agency and uses essential tools like Cora and Page Optimizer Pro to accurately tune your web pages for better rankings and conversions.

SEO Kettering | Search Engine Optimisation For More Profits

It's 2021 and people use the web to search for stuff. Can they find you?

Whatever your product or service you can't ignore the web - new customers need to be able to find you, existing and past customers need to be able to find you online.

People are lazy, often it's easier to search Google to find your phone number or email than trying to remember what they saved you as in their address book. Customers are fickle, so if they can't find you they'll likely find your competitor...

You need a local search engine optimisation expert who understands what people are looking for and how to get your website in front of them. Kensington SEO is a Kettering based SEO Agency specialising in generating leads and sales by increasing your website visibility.

Even in Kettering SEO is essential, there is no point having a website if it's not on page 1, so put your website to work for you. Let us review your website and put it on the right track by improving your website SEO .

Your phone will start ringing off the hook if you let us take care of your website promotion.

Your Kettering based locally trusted Google search experts; Local SEO, Google My Business Maps Listing and white hat link building outreach blogger service.

We are not the cheapest but our data-driven approach to analysis and SEO tuning goes way beyond our competitors so we get results where other agencies falter.

Our SEO agency involves a long process where the primary objective is to rank your business or service on the first page of the Google search results and help get you more visitors to your website .

The digital age has brought a new player to the game and is achieving better more trackable results. Search Engine Optimisation is now one of the most promising techniques when it comes to marketing online.

SEO can be done by anyone. However, it is best to hire SEO experts who have been in the business and are experienced and successful in ranking websites and increasing the number of visitors to your website. This is where Kensington SEO comes in if you are a local business wanting to get your website found on Google and Bing then you need a local SEO in the Kettering area. Kensington SEO can provide you with the best data-driven SEO service in Northamptonshire!

Why Choose Simon Kensington For Your Kettering SEO Services?

Your SEO is in great hands as Kensington SEO have been ranking local websites and getting more visitors to websites for over 10 years, in that time they've worked closely with a number of local businesses and national e-commerce businesses to increase their visibility on Google for both localised keywords and buyer intent keyword phrases that bring new prospects and sales to them.

SEO and link building have been proven to be essential for improving the online presence and visibility of a business. Nowadays search engine optimisation and white hat link building are considered to be part of marketing and PR. Business owners know they can grow their sales by reaching out to prospects online using content marketing via their website and social channels. Our responsibility at Kensington SEO is to make sure your online presence is better and more effective than your competition so you get the lions share of website visitors. There are many ways of landing you on the first page of Google search results we make sure you get there safely and your page one results stick.

Kensington SEO use white-hat link building strategies as these tactics are approved in the webmaster guidelines and in accordance with Google's terms of service and carry no risk of penalties. Whereas 'black hat' or 'grey hat' techniques are tactics that contravene Google's Webmaster Guidelines and run the risk of attracting a Google penalty, these penalties may be as serious as having your website removed from the Google search engine index.

White hat S E O techniques bring long-term value to your website all while making it easier for Google to identify you and can land you on the first page of search results which in turn will help you get more visitors to your website. White hat techniques can be one of the following:

  • Creating your own unique quality content that stands out from the rest
  • Building a genuine community which consistently interacts with your website
  • Promoting your website to relevant people in a personal way

White Hat link Building SEO Strategies

Once your on page SEO is optimised you will need to start building high-quality relevant backlinks. These back links will bring targeted visitors and improvements in your search engine rankings. Building links according to Google's webmaster guidelines is important otherwise you risk being penalised by Google. A Google penalty may result in your site being demoted or even removed from the search engine index. This is why white hat SEO strategies are vital. Not only do these strategies use the safest link building tactics they also offer results that last for years. White hat link building strategies focus on bringing high-quality industry relevant traffic to your website. The link building process is straightforward although very time-consuming. We audit your website content, then use the best content to attract inbounds links from websites by reaching out to them and asking for a link back.

SEO Services

When a website has great content, it will attract backlinks and website visitors from around the internet. This is useful to you for two reasons, you get more website visitors who spend time browsing your content. This engagement is tracked by Google who then rewards great quality websites with higher search engine rankings, which, in turn, gives you more website traffic. At Kensington SEO we can help you put together a content marketing plan that's designed to meet your business goals. Kensington SEO can advise you on how to use your website to build a loyal customer base who happily recommends you to friends and can bring in natural traffic to your site. Our white hat SEO strategies will help you increase your website visitors, sales and business profit in a safe and sustainable way that will continue to reward you for years to come.

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